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“Now that's a happy ending. Or is it? Because everything's over now, and all that's left is you and the infinite void... Kinda makes you wanna play saxophone, huh?!”
— Lumalee's last words in the movie

Lumalee is a minor character and a galaxy star who appears in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

He was announced to appear in the film because of a Happy Meal toy from McDonald's. After the final trailer released, he was revealed to be a prisoner of Bowser's. The King Penguin refers to Lumalee as a "he", proving Lumalee is male in the movie.

Personality & Description[]

Lumalee is a deranged and nihilistic character, as he always mentions on wanting to give up and die, having been imprisoned by Bowser for an unknown period of time. So when Kamek announces that he alongside the other prisoners will be sacrificed for Bowser's wedding, he happily accepts, and when it does happen, he cheers, and boos when he gets rescued. He also enjoys playing the saxophone.

The DVD commentary also intends Lumalee is a foil to Mario in terms of determination.


Lumalee is a blue Luma (a sentient star species) with two points each for feet and hands, while his top point splits into two for hair. He has black bead eyes, a mouth, and additionally glows. Unlike the Lumalees in the games, this film's Lumalee has teeth and a slightly visible tongue.


Lumalee is first seen when Luigi becomes imprisoned, seen in his cage laughing while playing. After the penguin king informs Luigi that Lumalee is "cuckoo," Luigi becomes determined to escape, but Lumalee states that there isn't a way out, and that their only hope is "the sweet relief of death," much to everyone's dismay. Lumalee then is seen welcoming the captured Kongs after they also get imprisoned, annoying everyone else again.

During Bowser and Peach's wedding, the Koopa King announces that he will be sacrificing all the prisoner in his bride's honor, much to Lumalee's delight, but becomes disappointed after he and the other prisoners are rescued before they can reach the lava.

It is unknown what happens to Lumalee afterwards, as he is not seen for the rest of the movie, though can be seen before the credits, where he tells the audience that the film is over and what there is left is the infinite void. He then proceeds to play the Ground theme with his saxophone, as the credits begin to roll.


In the Super Mario Galaxy game, a Lumalee serves as a "shop," where Mario (or Luigi) can purchase either a Life Mushroom or a 1-Up Mushroom for 30 Star Bits. Lumalees can be found in several galaxies and tend to appear before boss battles. Once Mario has made his choice of purchase, a Lumalee is fed the right number of Star Bits automatically and proceeds to transform into the mushroom of his choosing for him to collect. Because of this transformation, Mario can buy only one item from a Lumalee per appearance in that playthrough of the stage.

In its sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, by doing certain missions, two Lumalees holding sticks with Chance Cubes on the end appear in a pipe that is on the left ear of Starship Mario. The first Lumalee turns into a Chance Cube for 30 Star Bits. The second Lumalee turns into five Chance Cubes for 100 coins. The possible outcomes from both Luma Shops' Chance Cubes are a single Star Bit, a 1-Up Mushroom, three 1-Up Mushrooms, and five 1-Up Mushrooms.

In the final trailer, Lumalee can be seen in a cage in Bowser's castle hanging over a pit of lava. As the King Penguin states, "He's cute, but he is [cuckoo]". He talks joyously about there being "no escape" and of the joys of death. Lumalee is eventually rescued from captivity by Mario and his allies at Bowser's Wedding.


  • He's one of the obscure Mario characters that appear in the film alongside Foreman Spike.
  • He hasn't appeared in a Mario product since the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii video game console.
  • Unlike how Super Sonic was revealed for the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 film), Lumalee was not shadowed or labeled as a "surprise toy" in the McDonald's promo prior to being revealed in the final trailer of The Super Mario Bros Movie.
  • Lumalee makes a cameo on the SMBplumbing website as an ASCII, if users attempt to inspect the website.
  • Lumalee was originally going to be voiced by another actor, before they used the co-director, Michael Jelenic's daughter, Juliet Jelenic as a placeholder. Due to Jelenic fitting that role perfectly, the crew stuck with her being the final voice for Lumalee.


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